Please don’t forget that you accept this “Confidentiality Policy” by visiting our website and/or using our services.

As Independent Industrialist and Businessmen Association Commercial Enterprise, it is our legal obligation and amongst our top priorities to protect and sustain your confidentiality.

What Kind Information of Yours We Are Collecting?

When you are registered into an activity or visit our website, enrolled for our services, subscribed to our bulletin, make an application or fill a form, we are obtaining your information. In addition to these, we might also require to get information (“Information”) by means of e-mails, faxes, telephone conversations and all kind of other communication method. Please don’t forget that keeping these kind of information for a certain period of time in our records are essential in accordance to the legislation, that is applied in Turkey.
Pursuant to the legal and regulatory reasons, some personal information, such as your name-surname, birth date, address, telephone number, maiden name of your mother, e-mail address and a copy of your ID Card, passport or driver licence or a valid document, for confirmation of your residence address, will be asked from you.

For What Purpose We Are Using Your Information?

Your personal information is used to present you a quality service and for the purpose of providing transaction security. The information, we are getting from you, can be used in following manners and forms;

  • Personalizing your experience and provide sustainability of your personal profile,
  • Developing the contents of our website related to the products and services, which you would like to buy from us or business partners, service providers, third persons and companies, whose solutions we are using,
  • Getting in touch with you related to the services, that are given to you, whenever it is required or appropriate, presenting you updated information related to the transactions, you are making,
  • Developing our customer services in order to give better services to you,
  • Realizing your transactions and executing your instructions,
  • Managing activities, such as competition, survey and other site features.
  • Managing the products and services, that are provided to you, including the marketing information related to the services and products, provided to you by us and our partners,
  • Sending you your user name and password.
Are we sharing any information with third persons?

We aren’t selling, trading, transferring or sharing your personal information in any manner with third persons. This situation is also valid for our partners, who have agreed to keep this information as secret in the manner we do. We can share some part of your personal information with our partners to meet your product and service requirements. The utilization of your personal information has been restricted in the manner, defined in the relation between us and our partners.
We can also reveal your personal information for the purpose of protecting our right, properties and safety; preventing fraud and any improper use of our services and if we are obliged to disclose in compliance with law and regulations.
The Information is classified and accepted as Confidential and Non-Confidential information with this Confidentiality Policy.
You are also considered to accept utilization of your information in our website or other places without arising any liability to you.

Are we using Cookies?

We are using cookies in order to present you a website, which gives you a better service. Cookies are small files, that remember certain information and make a website or its service provider, transferred to your hard disk (if you have permitted it) through a website or its service provider, recognize your scanner.
We can make agreements with partners, who will help us to understand our website visitors better, to track the traces of the advertisements and to understand your preferences in your next visits and to present you a better website experience and tools. These partners, who are going to collect information in our name, don’t have any permission to use these information for any purpose apart from developing our business and carrying it out.

Partners (Third Persons and Institutions)

We can provide information about the third persons and institutions in our website at our discretion. In case you prefer to purchase products and services, presented by third persons and institutions, any information, that will be shared with them, will become uncontrollable by our “Confidentiality Policy”. Please don’t forget the websites of these third persons and institutions have their own independent and separate confidentiality policies, that belong to them. Thus, we don’t have any liability or responsibility related to the activities and contents of these websites. We don’t have any control over protection related to the utilization of the information, provided by you and collected by these websites.

Updating Your Information and Quitting From Services

Apart from the ones, which are required to keep business records properly or present you the services, you demand, we either change or delete your personal information in accordance with your instructions and in line with regulatory and legal purposes. But, we can keep the information, that has been collected in line with the purposes, required by Laws and regulations, as well as the anonymous ones for an indefinite of time.

Amendments Related to Confidentiality Policy

The amendments can be made in this Confidentiality Policy from time to time for customer satisfaction and legal reasons. In case this Confidentiality Policy is revised, the revised Confidentiality Policy will be immediately published and announced in our website.